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About us

We are three international female filmmakers with extensive experience in the filmmaking industry.
We are committed to tell inspiring and unique stories, that are engaging and entertaining, and highlight diverse voices. With hands-on experience in all steps of the filmmaking process, we offer dream solutions to each project that needs to come to reality.
Our services include creative writing, production, and post-production for TV and web commercials, to films, to music videos.

Directing bio

Evgeniya is the Co-founder of “I Dare Productions” where she has been producing, writing and directing for the past two years! Her first music video, “True Paradise” won three festivals: “Winter Film Awards”, “LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood” and “Miami Film Festival”. A film she directed called “My Relationship With The Moon” won the “Special Recognition Award” at the “Cayanne Film Festival”. She also became a proud lifetime member of the Playwrights/Directors Unit at The Actors Studio.

She wrote, produced and directed two short films: “Patrik” and “El Cavil”. She directed and produced another music video called “Nothing Changed for Me”. And she also is co-producing and co-directing a film called “Then and Now”, for which her actor gained 40 pounds for the role.

Evgeniya has worked for Mythic Bridge, a nonprofit organization, and mentored for more than 6 years homeless, poor and LGBT kids how to make movies for free. She was invited for a second year to teach and direct Film and Theatre workshops with the students of Chongqing and Kunming in China. She created two films with them: “Fortune Sticks “& “Marga”. She also directed a production of W. Shakespeare’s “Midnight Summer’s Dream, last summer in Chongqing, China. She gave a very successful talks for film industry and film professors in China, Kuming. And she is invited back to teach every year.

Evgeniya has a great passion for fire dancing and has opened her own entertainment company, Evgeniya Entertainment, which includes performers from Circus Du Soleil to NYC’s top performers, underground and street performers.
She has performed in the most high-end cabarets stages in NYC as well as festivals and directed shows all over the county and Europe.


We produce films, shows and music videos



My relationship with the moon

The Burden

Than and now

Fortune sticks


Music video- Nothing changed for me

Music video- True paradise


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